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Rublev Watercolor Medium

Rublev Watercolor Medium

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Rublev Colours Watercolor Medium can be used to make your own watercolors with powdered pigments, dilute watercolor paint, and add gloss to watercolor paintings.

Watercolor Medium is a solution of gum arabic, sugar syrup, glycerin, and a small amount of a preservative commonly used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. Watercolor Medium maintains the transparency and brilliance of watercolor paint. Use it to increase watercolor transparency and brightness, improve adhesion, and spread the brush stroke. Mix with dry pigments to provide a smooth, water-soluble paste with a honey-like consistency.

This is the basic medium we use in our own watercolor paints. Disperse pigments in this medium by placing a small amount in a pile of dry powder pigment and then mull to creamy smoothness. Also, use watercolor medium to dilute dried watercolor paint. Works well with all watercolors.

Note: Best if stored in a refrigerator after opening. Store away from light in a cool location. While there is no expiry date, this is a natural product that is best if used within three months from the date of purchase.

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